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      Company news


      Executive vice governor of Liaoning Province Chen Xiangqun and his party visited Longmarch Company for investigation

      Views:626   Date:2020-03-20

      On the afternoon of March20th,2020,Chen Xiangqun, standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, visited our company with his party to inspect the prevention and control of the epidemic, as well as production since work resumption.

      ? ??Vice Governor Chen Xiangqun and his party visited the site of the company's new expansion project and pointed out that tire enterprises are an important part of China's transformation from a big industrial country to a strong industrial country. It is expected that while the company has done a good job in epidemic prevention and control, it will be able to achieve better results in technology and market.

      ? ?Manager Li introduced the effective measures taken by the enterprise for epidemic prevention and control and the situation of resuming production in detail, presented the company's development history, current production, operation situation to the provincial leaders, and thanked the government for its care.?

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