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      Company news


      Working together to prevent epidemic, Longmarch Company continues to work hard

      Views:637   Date:2020-02-25

      ? ? ? ?While striving to organize the resumption of work production , Longmarch Company actively took various effective measures to combat the epidemic. The company shows the responsibility of a large enterprise by donating 1 million yuan to the frontline of the epidemic prevention in Longcheng District without any hesitation, as well as importing a group of medical masks worth more than 300,000 yuan from Indonesia to support Hubei Province during the critical period of lack of masks in China.?

      ? ? ? ?At the same time, Longmarch Company did not forget to cultivate the love consciousness of all employees. In the face of righteousness and national difficulties, everyone should make every effort. In order to further strengthen the employees' awareness of a strong country, which says "Fate of the nation is everyone's responsibility", the company promptly initiated employee donations, and raised more than 140,000 yuan in three days. This demonstrates the noble feelings of the selfless dedication of employees of a large enterprise.

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